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  WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs

Covers the subject areas of maritime safety, marine environment protection and shipping operations and gives, in this context, special attention to human factors and the impact of technology. JoMA is for scientists and professionals in maritime administration, industry and education.

World Maritime University

  Journal of Maritime Research

Experimental Sciences, Engineering, Nautical Sciences or Social Sciences

Spanish Society of Maritime Research

  Journal of Marine Technology and Environment

Marine Science and Engineering, Marine Environmental Issues, Marine Renewable Energy and Sustainability, Maritime Safety, Marine Chemistry, Marine Corrosion and Material Science, Ship Design, Building Technologies, Ocean Engineering, Advanced Technologies for MET, Advances in numerical methods for marine engineering, Algorithms for multidisciplinary problems in  marine engineering, and other related topics

Constanta Maritime University/ ROMANIA


Interdisciplinary Journal of Maritime Studies

Named for the prevailing global force that shapes human maritime experience, Coriolis offers scholars and serious researchers a refereed forum in which to disseminate work on human interaction with the seas. We define “maritime” broadly to include direct and indirect influences on human relationships through the fields of history, literature, art, nautical archaeology, material culture, and environmental studies. Coriolis is open to discussion of maritime connections through all periods and human cultures, and it includes freshwater as well as saltwater marine environments. We encourage works that explore interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches. The journal is international in scope and purpose, and we particularly welcome English-language scholarship from outside Europe and North America.



The Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics

Fields of shipping and logistics. AJSL invites manuscripts particularly in the areas of management, finance, accounting, insurance, international business, marketing and history in the fields of shipping, port transport and logistics of Asia.

The Korean Association of Shipping and Logistic

  International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics 

Analysis of economies of scale in ship size and firm size, Container positioning in liner shipping, International trade and shipping, Managing intermodal transport, Market analysis in sectors of shipping and transport logistics, Modelling and analysis of problems pertinent to shipping and transport logistics, Risk analysis in transport logistics and physical distribution infrastructure, Service quality in shipping and transport logistics, Strategic alliances and relationship management in shipping and transport distribution, Strategic management for managing shipping and transport logistics, Transhipment and the development of hub and spoke in shipping,Transport security, Use of information technology and decision support systems for shipping management and physical distribution, Warehouse and terminal operations and management

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

 Emphasis is placed on business, organizational, economic, sociolegal and management topics at port, community, shipping company and shipboard levels.

Maritime Economics & Logistics is a quarterly scientific journal committed to the rigorous methodological analysis of global supply chains; that is, ocean transportation, ports, marine terminals and maritime logistics.

International Association of Maritime Economists.

  The Journal of Navigation

Subjects include electronics, astronomy, mathematics, cartography, command and control, psychology and zoology, operational research, risk analysis, theoretical physics, operation in hostile environments, instrumentation, ergonomics, financial planning and law.

The Royal Institute of Navigation, UK


Journal of Marine Science and Technology

The range of topics covered in the Journal of Marine Science and Technology extends from ocean engineering and marine technology to ocean environmental engineering and naval architecture. Both scientific and engineering papers are welcome. Subjects that are suitable for publication include hydrodynamics; heat and mass transfer; material science; structural mechanics; acoustics; soil mechanics; control; design and manufacturing of ships and ocean structures; and ocean space design.

National Taiwan Ocean University


(IJME) provides a forum for the reporting and discussion on technical and scientific issues associated with the design and construction of marine vessels and offshore structures.


Journal for Maritime Research

( JMR ) was inaugurated in 1999 as the first fully-online, peer-refereed journal in the field of historical maritime research.


















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